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The Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step…

I don’t always stress out about the wedding details but when I do, it’s always at 1am when I have to be up at 6 for work… So here are 4 tips on how to start planning your wedding.


Everyone has different ways of being organised, however I feel it is essential for you to purchase a wedding planning diary. There are LOADS of places you can get these from such as Amazon, Not on the high street, Etsy etc. I would also purchase a scrapbook so you can add in cut outs from magazines, leaflets, notes and images you find online. YES it is time and effort however the hard work does pay off. It is essential to set your self-realistic time frames, between work, shopping and wanting to give up.


Number 1 note to self… There are certain family and friends that annoy the hell out of you but it can be so essential to listen to their experience that may actually give you the BEST ideas.

Number 2 note to self… think about what you really want to stand out and what you really want to look back on and remember, this could be the FOOD which a lot of people take a back seat on (trust people will remember the food more than anything), a packed out DANCE FLOOR because of the amazing DJ or just having your loved ones (not some random Auntie that you haven’t seen before) celebrating the most special day in your life. Everything else is just nice to have but are not the fundamental makings of your memories.


There is no way you can please everyone 100% of the time, once you understand this the more you will enjoy planning your wedding (who said this would be easy?). Throughout the entire process you will have many decisions to make always ensure you make the last and most importantly the right decision. It is likely that everyone will not agree with you but just remember you’re the one getting married not them, “so YOU tell em girls!”

4. Trust me you can dance. – ALCOHOL

Trusting the people you are planning your big day with is SO important, they have all done this before and know what they are talking about (lets just hope). You are paying for their experience and services so trust their advice, however nobody should dictate your wedding plans to you. If you are stuck for ideas, confused or unsure always ask for help and double check.


Date: 6th April 2020


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